Welcome to gobiobiz.com, your Biometics online business center! Here you can place orders, ship product to customers, track sales, enroll new team members and much more!

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Training Videos for gobiobiz.com
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8 MB / 3:10 minutes
Introduction to the gobiobiz.com online business center.
(This file is graphics-intensive and not recommended for users with a dial-up connection.)

2.5 MB / 3:10 minutes
Enrolling a new distributor online.

1.5 MB / 1:20 minutes
Placing an order online.
3.5 MB / 2:20 minutes
Setting up or modifying an Autoship order.

3 MB / 2:15 minutes
Part I of Genealogy: View your entire organization, and find Personal Volume (PV) and Personal Group Volume (PGV).
3.5 MB / 1:45 minutes
Part II of Genealogy: How to view volume and activity for Distributors in your organization.

2 MB / 1:45 minutes
Part III of Genealogy: Using the Genealogy feature to communicate effectively with your team. How to view Personal Volume and Organizational Volume.
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